What is Block Management?

Block management involves a property manager, often termed a ‘managing agent’, overseeing the communal spaces—both internal and external—of residential apartment complexes on behalf of landlords, developers, Resident Management Companies (RMCs), or Right to Manage Companies (RTMs).

In the realm of residential property management, block management goes by various names. It might be called ‘flat management’, ‘estate management’, or ‘leasehold management’.

Why Engage a Block Management Company?

Efficiently managing an apartment complex demands an adept, committed approach to residential property oversight. This management encompasses an expansive knowledge base covering areas such as landlord-tenant law, facilities administration, health and safety protocols, and building security, among others.

Tasks range from supervising building upkeep, handling service charge budgets and accounts, to ensuring adherence to all managerial and legal requirements. Given the breadth and depth of responsibilities, it can be labor-intensive. Employing a specialized residential block management company can streamline processes and ensure smooth operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Property Management Company?

In 2004 it became a legal requirement for a Management Company to be set up in any development with communal areas. The Management Company is responsible for looking after these communal open spaces, such as grounds and apartment blocks.

When you sign to purchase your property, you also sign a lease/transfer document, and this means you become a shareholder in the Management Company and have a say in how that company is run.

What is a Managing Agent?

A Managing Agent is appointed to ensure the Management Company meets all its legal obligations and requirements. We will also provide legal advice to the Directors and the shareholders on how the Management Company is run.

As Managing Agents, we will provide a fully transparent and professional service ensuring complete value for money services. We are responsible for the calculation and collection of all service charges and for ensuring that all shareholders are bound by their lease/transfer document.