Block Management

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Block Management

Oak Property are a managing agent that can provide a service which is as unique as your development.

  • We specialise in block management of residential companies
  • FREE on-site consultation and advice

These are some of our unique services, we also have a full service department who have a specifically designed Management Information System to record, Monitor and report on all repair requests within the development.

This is audited on a weekly basis, to ensure that all repairs are being processed

What us a Management Company??

A management company is required by law to be set up by the Developer to look after and maintain communal areas once the development is completed. These communal areas are owned by the Management Company.

Why do you need to be part of a Management Company?

A Management Company is responsible for looking after communal open spaces, such as grounds and apartment blocks. When you sign to purchase your property, you also sign a lease/transfer document. This means you become a shareholder in the Management Company and have a say in how that Company run.

What is a Managing Agent?

A Managing Agent is contracted by the Directors of the Management Company to provide services such as ground maintenance, lift maintenance, cleaning windows and many other services. We will also provide legal advice on how the Management Company is run to the Directors and the shareholders

Why would you use a Managing Agent?

As Managing Agents we will provide a fully transparent and professional service to all the monitoring and getting value for money for services. We ensure the Management Company meets all its legal obligations and requirements. We are responsible for the calculation and collection of all service charges and also for ensuring that all shareholders are bound by their lease/transfer document.

Each company will have it's own bank account.

This means that all cheque's are verified by shareholders and only your money can be spent on your service. Without your authorisation we will not have access to your bank account.

We use insurance borkers to get the most competitive quoates.

We aim to get the most competitive quote and the best customer service in the event of any claims. We use insurance brokers to source the best premiums available on the market from all insurance companies.

Eah company will have its own insurance policies.

The insurance cost is what is on the policy and the full amount is paid directly to the insurance company. If there is a claim then any payout will be to the company and lodged in your bank account. If there are no claims then you benefit from any reduced premiums.


We use M J Kane & Co Accountants Ltd to carry out the monthly reconciliations and cash flow. They also carry out annual accounts to be presented to the AGM and calculate the next years costs. We also offer all management companies the facility to have the accounts audited independently by another accountant to you peace of mind. Staff from M J Kane & Co Accountants Ltd can attend any AGM or EGM to discuss finance with the shareholders and Directors if required or requested.


We use only approved contractors who have fully trained and qualified staff. They must produce their insurance certificates and estimates of all work before any authorisation is given. We will communicate with all Directors and shareholders before funds are spent outside of the agreed costs at a AGM or EGM.

Company Law

We are fully trained in Company Law and the Legal requirements of the company and the Directors. We use several Solicitors firms to verify legal advice. We have experience in dealing with lease and contractual disputes.

Customer Service

We aim to provide a level of customer service that is unequalled in Property Management Ltd; we will offer the following services;

  • Quarterly Directors and Committee Meetings
  • Website specific to your development to provide a flow of communication between ourselves and the shareholders and between the shareholders
  • Monthly site visits by Oak Property Management Ltd and reports uploaded onto the website
  • Full tendering process for all services
  • An Emergency contact line for all Directors
  • 24 Hour contact including an out of hours number for emergencies
  • Provision of an AGM
  • Providing Legal and financial advice and information to the Directors and Committee Members
  • Arrange for separate bank accounts to allow contingency funds to be kept safe
  • Use of qualified independent accountancy staff to produce all annual accounts and costing's
  • Offer the facility of accounts being further independently audited
  • Use of Sage to provide a full audit trail of payments received and payments made to suppliers (these are independently audited on a monthly basis).

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